So I've done A LOT of reading and was pretty set on getting the R&D pro series plate, but I started seeing people recommending to just stay with the stock plate. Everything on the ski (97 GP1200) is stock. I'm trying to make the boat as efficient as possible. I would like to gain some speed, but would settle for retaining top speed while making the ski ride better. The boat is driven solely on inland lakes, but in Michigan inland lakes are fairly large. I got the aluminum trim tabs on it which helped tremendously with porpoising, but in med chop she still likes to hop out of the water. I was thinking of going with the 1100 R&D aquavein intake grate since I would gain the benefits of an aftermarket intake but the smaller inlet wouldn't scrub the top speed. If I start shimming the porpoise out with the ride plate, is the stock plate or the R&D going to retain better top speed? All thoughts/experiences are appreciated!