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    04 gtx sc prop choice

    Hello, this is a great forum, I had a Polaris virage a couple years ago and sold it, I recently bought a super clean 04 gtx sc ski, this thing is a blast to ride, I have cut open the water box and put in the baffle, took the resonator box out and built my own inner cooler for it, yes I built it my self, I am pretty handy with a welder and have a great shop to work out of! I also put in a new wear ring, ski has 100hrs so the supercharger is on the list to rebuild, I would like to change wheels in it when I rebuild it, I have been looking a props and reading until my eyes are crossed, I'm looking for a good hole shot and pull hard, I'm not worried about going 70mph across the lake, and also a good intake grate, sorry to ramble so much..

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    a SC upgrade will help for a good hole shot
    not a lot of choices for the gtx pump
    IMO with your motor probably should not go over a X charger/127
    riva grate is good
    I would go with at least 48lb injectors and cmd with auto tune and lcd
    using the cmd will give you a good tune from idle to wfo
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