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    2012 RXT-X sponson setting with 3 passengers

    Hey guys, we recently purchased a 2012 RXT-X and we find that with 2 or 3 riders it feels almost tippy at slower seeds. The current setting on the rear sponsons are on the middle setting. If I lower the sponsons more would that make the machine more stable at lower speeds with 2 or 3 riders in it?


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    The sponsons won't affect the normal ride stability. The S3 hull has a little more unstable feeling at low speed compared to the older hulls, I know what you mean by tippy. The sponsons only affect the aggresiveness of the turning performance, I would suggest either middle or bottom hole setting (so sponsons sit higher, this will soften the cornering performance).

    Best way to stabilise tippy feeling is actually speed. Step on the gas and get up on plane, then it will be rock solid. Took me a while to get used to, I have three boys under 6yrs, so I want to take it easy when they're on. But get on plane n you'll be sorted.

    Ps, I,ve never tipped off or over.

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    Same with the t3 hulls.. With a passenger (which is NOT fun) you need to get up on plane quickly to avoid that awkward lean thing.

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