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    Trouble with 2003 xlt1200 two-stroke

    I just recently bought this ski, had it on water last week and it ran perfectly the six hours I was on the water, no problems. This week I dropped it in and for the first hour- hour and a half ran the same, then while cruising about 6000 rpm motor starting bogging and shut down. Sat for a minute it started a few times and ran rough before quitting. Now it does nothing, does not even turn over. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

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    It may be time to take the head off and get a closer look. Sounds like the common "lean condition" seizure. 66V engines are notorious for it due to lean carb jetting from factory.

    Do you know if the previous owner installed a d-plate? It would have replaced the catalytic converter.
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    Did u just buy it used? Did you do compression test on motor before you bought? I just had a similar experience w a 2002 800. Blown cylinder. These two strokers have this issue if oil pumps fail or carbs run lean.

    Mine needs a full rebuild.


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    The previous owner do have a complete rebuild roughly 35 hrs on rebuilt motor and d plate installed, fuel is pre-mix now as injection system is changed over.

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    Get the head off of it and take a look at the pistons. Your problem most likely lies there.

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    Before you take it apart be sure to leak test it to determine if it has an air leak which would have contributed to the lean condition if that is what happened.

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    Unless you dropped a piston, maybe spun a ring, and it fused itself to cylinder, it should
    still turn over.
    Do you here a click when you try to start?
    Maybe get yourself a cheap endoscopic camera and see what the pistons look like.

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