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    gp1200r rebuild fail

    i tried to do a full rebuild and failed. compression is 0-90-115. engine cranks but sounds like cranking on dead battery, sometimes crank sticks, will start and run but not above 30 mph. could this be as simple as something like rings coming unseated because i didnt install right or more? where should i start? used pro-x. pistons, had cylinders honed and new crank. seems to crank normal with plugs out. thanks.

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    If your compression numbers are correct do not run it anymore as you could damage something more. the best thing to do at this point is pull the motor and start tearing it down checking parts and gaskets along the way. it could be something as the rings installed upside down. on a stock piston the rings will stick when installed upside down resulting in low compression. a bad reed can also cause low compression along with a lot of other issues.
    Good luck hope this helps.

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