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    Gas cap with lock?

    Anyone know where I can get a gas cap with a key lock? I have a 2012 fzs. I hate leaving it unlocked for kids to put crap in while it's on the street not that it's happened but ya never know.

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    On the street? I'd be more concerned of worse things, like cutting the seat or stealing it.

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    yea man, you cant put your ski in the street, you need to park it in the living room so you can keep and eye on it all times....tell your old lady she can just deal with it...

    Im not sure i seen a locking gas cap for the thread type flanges we have on our skis. Perhaps you could bring your cap into an auto parts store and hope something matches up. Depending on how into it you really want to get. Its a very simple job to remove the whole through hull assembly and consider upgrading to something different. There has to be 1000 different gas cap through hull fittings on the interweb and surely there would be something that looks good enough to mount on a ski and that comes with a locking cap. Or you could get in the habit of disconnecting the fuel fill tube and folding it over itself when you park the ski...its a bit much but, even the best locking gas cap can be broken...

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    Yea I was gonna match it up if they didn't have a cool after market one made for us. Funny by the way lol. Mines way up the driveway but ya never know what kids wanna do. I remember being 10yrs old cleaning the inside of my exhaust pipe with the water hose.

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    I don't know where you live but be carefull. These dam thieves love Supercharged motors. I'm guessing that you don't live in Florida because it would've been gone already.

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