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    Newbie here in need of help

    I have a 2013 sea doo gti130 se. I bought an air intake from R and D and took the HUGE stock air box out. I put the new intake on but my question is, is it as easy as that? No reprogramming anything? Also I heard you can fill in the holes where the bolts go into the ride plate? What do I fill these holes with? All I'm trying to do is get 3 more mph out of her. I realize it's not supercharged but please any help or suggestions on how to get a little more top end speed. Thanks for any help.

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    I'm not a modder, but from all the reading I've done here, anytime you put a mod on a ski you need to change impellers.

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    Uh did make it go 56 mph where b4 only 55 I wish I could get 58 out of it..

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