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    2001 Seadoo XP Backfire / No start!

    Hello everyone, I really appreciate any assistance all of you can provide. I have spent quite a bit of time reading through the forums but I really wanted to note the particulars of my issues and make sure I am not missing anything specific or heading down the wrong road. My 2001 XP (75 hours) no mods has recently been stalling out when it is in excess of 3500 RPMS. After 2 or 3 times it stalls completely and will not turn back on. Upon changing the plugs I noticed they are gummed up with oil/fuel almost milky brown and I recently noticed last time that the spark plug boots were not as tight as I would like them to be which makes me question if the issue was originally related to vibrations/disconnect of the spark plug causing a poor burn and eventually a stall.

    When the ski first starts the performance is excellent and it is not until 25 mins or so that the stalling begins which might be when the plug boots had loosened up. After my last stall I had the ski towed in and was not able to pay attention to it for about a week.

    I changed the BR8ES plugs this weekend and replaced the boots I attempted to start the ski with no success. I then went through and cleaned out the rave valves which had typical carbon buildup. The engine turns over strong and the plugs are sparking but the ski makes no attempt to even start. I utilized starting fluid and then even tried to poor some fuel (small amount) into the cylinders directly in efforts to get the ski started with no success. After 15 minutes of intermittent attempts to start the ski I started to get huge backfires once or twice. To avoid and prevent any further damages I stopped trying to start the ski. During the time I was trying to start the ski the plugs were relatively dry even when I gave full throttle they never appeared to be fowled which is making me think this is a fuel delivery issue.

    Prior to cleaning out the carbs and also ensuring the selector valve and fuel lines are cleaned/changed I wanted to follow-up with the community to see what if any other factors might have created this condition.

    My concerns are the following,

    1. Ski went from working perfectly to severe backfires and what appears to be a fuel delivery issues, anything else underlying maybe that caused this?
    2. Did the tow create any type of clogs/water infiltration and if so where should I check and how do I flush it.
    3. I heard of some people saying the MPEM can fail and create these situations, is that even a chance based on these symptoms.
    4. Did all my repeat steps to start the ski potentially create any clogs or blocks which I should look out for /clear - If so can compressed air ever be used for this?

    Thanks All!

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    I would check your reeds

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    check your timing too!

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