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    Yamaha SVHO offshore, a review and comparative performance analysis with the ULTRA

    After 15 hours of ride time on the Yamaha SVHO offshore, a review and comparative performance analysis with the ULTRA by PWCOFFSHORE.COM Core Team Member Mark Gerner followed by a perspective from teammate KC Heidler.

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    Very nice read! His Quote: I would suggest that you go Turbo vs any modification that keeps your clutch as part of your race set up.

    I have rode a Turbo FX(Mike Klippestein's) and have a Turbo FZR as well as a 310R with decent Mods. I 100% agree with him, not because I have a Turbo, but the adjustment and not worrying about the SC and Clutch is pretty nice. Jumping off my FZR onto the FX was a Huge difference. You really need to drive the FZR, however, the FX pretty much drives it's self. The FX reminds me of the 310. It is locked to the water with very little nose bounce. It cuts through the waves pretty nice and you feel stable at high speeds. I picked the FZR because I only ride in flat water lakes with very low chop if any at all. I think his info is pretty spot on and I couldn't agree more with what he is saying.

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    That "snap back " recovery time or vacuum effect the Ultra has especially with a stock intake grate just can't be beat,just like Mark says in his reports on the early days of the 300x...
    Its great having that stability in the rough waters...

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    nice write up and perspective mark

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    Good stuff. One thing: The Yamaha does NOT have a true 160mm pump. The ring and prop are. The inlet side is still 155. Yes it is better but people continue to tout the 160mm pump, which it only posses 50% of.
    Great perspective and analysis. One thing I noticed in this ski is the lack of storage. For a craft this size for family outings and other uses it is lacking a bit.
    For a lake stomper it's the one.

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