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    My 97 GTX is hard to start. I spray a little Starting fluid and it starts.

    I swaped a engine(787) from a 97 Seadoo XP and put it in my 97 GTX. The engine started fine in the Xp but now it needs help starting in the GTX. If I spray some help(Dreaded starting fluid in the arestor, it starts right up. Why would it all of a sudden not start in the GTX without help. Once started it will restart without problems. It notice it back fire a couple of times in the GTX that it never did in the XP. The carb on the PTO side, I can notice bubbles in the top line going into the carb when the motor turns over. Should this be a solid stream?

    Side note,Mag cylinder shows 95 psi compression and the PTO cylinder is 90. Again, this motor never hestitated when it was in the XP. HELP, before I cut this thing in half and use it as a yard ornament.
    The control cables are very loose as well.

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    compression values seem really low - do you know what they should be for that engine? Also, how were you taking your compression readings?

    I've personally never had any 2-stroke pwc, dirt bike or quad that would want to start with those comp levels.

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    I did exactly the same swap, Did you use the carbs on the xp in your gtx. I did and would be hard to start. cleaned my original gtx carbs and is now running perfect, the xp jets are different from the gtx's. hope that helps..
    make sure you clean the carbs good especially the fuel filters..that's what blew my engine.

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    your compression seems low, I have 130's psi on both of my gtx's

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