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    Question Newbie Help on 2014 VX Deluxe - First Maintenance and Aftermarket Parts

    I am brand new to jet skiing and have 10 hours on my new VX Deluxe. I am able to hit 60mph when riding with someone on the back (approx 330lbs). Any recommendations on aftermarket parts to bring up my speed a bit, help on gas or make it sound meaner?

    Also, any advice on when I should bring it in to the dealer for the first check up? The dealer recommended between 10-25 hours.

    I did did not buy the extended warranty.. I probably would have if i bought a Sea Doo.

    Thank you for the advice and recommendations in advance.


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    Not sure about aftermarket parts. Take it to dealer anytime between those hours your dealer said. Also if you can, I would get the extended warranty. I know for me it's comforting knowing I have that while riding. Also if you decide to upgrade in a couple years, that will help your resale value a lot!
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    I have a 2014 VX Deluxe at 10 hours i changed the oil and went with mobile 1 synthetic

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