There’s no shortage new toys that quickly attach to the jet pump of a personal watercraft these days. Whether you want to fly with a jetpack strapped to your back, lock your feet in to a Flyboard, try your hand at a jet-powered Hoverboard or streak across the sky like Iron Man, water-propelled flight has become the newest form of entertainment.
The Jetovator is not exactly new but still makes us smile. It’s bicycle-like design provides significantly more stability than say, the Hoverboard and allows for a full range of motion while maintaining a feeling closer to a sport bike.

Late last year, the Jetovator was featured on the Travel Channel’s “Ride-iculous!” program, showing riders a series of complicated rolls, stalls, dives and flips. The thrust of the the center jet helped maintain plenty of height while the side thrusters manipulated the direction and pitch of the bike.
Below is the official press release for the Jetovator with the clip featured on “Ride-iculous!”

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