This year’s Grayland Open is taking things to the next level; the 2014 Grayland Open marks the begging of the first National Freeride Tour in the USA. That makes this a rather groundbreaking event for the sport of Freeride in the US and the beginning of a new age in the jet ski world. Finally after many years of anticipation someone finally stepped up to the plate and took charge by rounding up the events we have in place already and creating a tour for the US. That person happened to be none other than the Australian Nick Barton of Krash Industries.

I have been actively pursuing the idea of linking all the States’ biggest contests and freerides for quite some time now, and everyone really wanted to make something happen and were really positive about it, but it seemed like we just couldn’t find someone who was willing to put the Tour on their back and organize the whole thing.

Finally, one day Nick, who also started and organizes the Australian Freeride National Tour, said, “You know what the sport needs is a National Freeride Tour in the USA. I’ll do it!”

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