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    1997 GP1200 Fuel Primer installation issue

    Hey Guys, New here but have used the search for many months. I just finished rebuilding the carbs and trying to install a primer kit. I've removed the choke plates and pins. The brass fittings that came with the kit are not fitting into the old choke plate holes. Am I missing something here? I search all over the web and can't find any comments on this.

    I bought a Mikuni Primer Kit for Triple Carbs - 53-9922

    Thanks in advance

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    On mine I had to leave the plastic bushing that the choke plate rod rides on in place. Then I pressed the brass fitting into that. Was still a little loose so I secured it with a drop of crazy glue.

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    In my case the brass fittings are slightly too large to fit into the holes. I hadn't seen anything regarding drilling them out so thought Id ask. I suppose I can drill them slightly and if too large use J&B weld to snug them up.

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    Had to tap mine in. Used a flat head screwdriver around the base. They were pretty tight.

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    I finally decided to hammer them in. The plug side were fairly easy but took hard hits to drive them in and the side with the nozzles I used a socket to protect it from the hammer. It was tight enough that metal shavings came out the other end and I'm thankful the carbs were out. Thanks for the replies!

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    i squeezed mine in with a pair of channel locks

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