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    gp1200r tricks to get more top speed

    Ok I have a 02 gpr
    Flame assessors
    Pro tech turbo tube
    R&d extended nozzle
    Riva ride plate
    Scoop grate ( not sure what brand)
    Solas 13/19 prop
    Beach house sponsons

    I'm only hitting 61mph at best real GPS speed
    I know the exhaust and sponsons slow me down but I do buoys often so I need sponsons
    What can I do to get my ski to do 65-67 without tripples? I need help guys
    My buddy has a xp keeping up to me that I wanna blow out of the water

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    Sorry to hear...I had a stock GPR that ran 65 in perfect conditions and 63 or so in chop. The only mods were grate, plate, and pump seal kit. Oh, and a D plate removal too. Try to find out what grate you have. Also, the pump seal kit is a must. With what you have, it is all about the setup of the hull. With a stock motor that turbo tube isn't helping either. Try messing around with the ride plate angle, and adjust the sponsons up if you can. Other than that, I suggest porting and modding the head to 155 psi or so. That will get you some MPH without a ton of money. Some GPR hulls were just faster than others. My Dad's boat, when motor stock (nearly the same mods as mine) was topping out at maybe 62...

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    I forgot to put I do have the pump seal kit and and I just put a new top end so this weekend I will break in and hopefully have better numbers

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    Check the grate shoe and ride plate to make sure nothing is sticking down. That will slow you down a bunch. What rpms are you running at the top speed? What prop pitch.?

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    How heavy are you? How much fuel? Where is yr trim setting on yr top speed run? Are you able to stay in the trottle for a while? You will need some room to get to yr true top speed. Put as much weight on the back of the ski as possible. and I agree with the other posts... hull angle is important, and that FF exhaust isnt helping on top end. I've actually bought a stock exhaust tube so I can put my stock exhaust back on my gp1200r (FF was on it when I bought it) because everything I've read says you can lose 1-2mph with a FF. Check out my sig for my mods/speed. I'm 190lbs, fastest speed was with trim 1-notch down in really light chop, less than 1/2 tank of fuel, freshwater less than 500 ft asl. I also need to check my hull angle as the ski is as-is from when I bought it, but I'll do that when I install my Jim's plate.

    P.S. 135# comp in all 3 jugs in mine, so nothing too aggressive.
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    I'm about 155 on a heavy day. And that's about 3/4 of a tank and I mess with the trim for about 300 yards if not more I have a large lake that I can do nice wot runs in little to no chop
    Updates I have done tonight
    Free flow exhaust ( got rid of the ugly baffle )
    Put a washer under the back 2 blots of the ride plate
    Polished up all pump components with a wire wheel
    And siliconed all the cracks and gaps in the pump area

    Also found out my grate is a single bar r&d scoop grate

    Will take out this weekend for a few runs and check out my new numbers. I did forget I had a valve stuck closed last weekend when I did my testing

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    Removing the baffle cost you some top end.

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    Put the stock exhaust back on. Also, you want the rear of the plste to be as close to the pump as possible, so do not add washers to the rear of the plate. Buy a TTO tach or similar and find out where your rpm's are at.

    Also, add a D-plate if you already haven't & get rid of that cat converter.

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