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    No happy w/my rxt miles

    2005 seadoo Rxt no pass 70.1 mph ride plate Riva. open loop , computer reflash by torks 10,000 rpm , injector 80cc, porting head, 2grade wedge ,pump, external intercooler , wheel charger 127,mm 10 pound boost ,8140 rpm ,skat track prop 15/19 piching , I no the jetski is supoust run like 74 or more I ting something wrong in the prop size 135 pound compresion,fuel air mix 11.8 @12.3 fuel throttle I need Help.

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    lean it out to 12.2 and I bet you have a hull problem/misalignment somewhere. Where are you located, what was the air/water temperature.

    In FL at sea level in the winter with every single part you can put on with an X charger I saw a reliable 75.5 and touched 77 once but couldn't grab it again.

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    I live in Orlando fl about air I use a Riva 4" ram air cone , water tem around 87. degree remenber I use the new 127mm wheel push 10.5 lbs at 8150 rpm you think aling the motor go fine what about prop size.

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    What size the prop

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