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    Need help on prop identification Solas stamped 14-18??? for 04 RXP

    04 RXP

    OK, so I bought a Riva stage 1 kit last summer and installed it, this kit should have included a new 14/19 Prop Solas concord "SRX-CD 14/19 the box says". But I never even noticed on the prop itself it has 14-18 stamped on it?!?! Solas does not even have info on a concord 14-18, so I am lost.

    My invoice said 14/19R prop "Solas SRX-CD-14/19R" but the box did not have an "R" and the prop only has stamped 14-18.

    I called the seller online that I got the prop from and they tell me they believe the R means "Re-pitch" and that Riva takes the prop and re-pitches is to their spec of 14-19?!? seems fishy to me.
    Searching online I found other guys arguing the "R" meaning and some think it just means RIVA. So I call up Riva and their sales guy said he knew nothing about Riva doing a re-pitch and believes the re-pitch would likely be done at Solas specificaly for RIVA.

    So I am stuck with a 14-18 prop (like new) and its box 14/19 (with no "R"). I originally wanted a 14/19R as the invoice stated and I have no idea what I have. I am a bit frustrated since it has been 1 week over a year since purchase but only 2 runs on it. The seller said they couldnt do anything not even give a discount on a new prop. unbelievable.

    So I learned my lesson, and just bought an Xcharger (from Jerry this time) and 42 # injects, and I believe I want a 15-20R. If I buy the 15-20R from Jerry does it have 15-20R stamped on it?? or is it 15-19 just "repitched"?

    Also any thoughts on my current 14-18 prop would help.

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    Try your current prop. A 14/19 is very good for an x charger and stock 215 intercooler setup-- a small adjustment to the trailing section of the impeller most likely will dial it in to perfection-- 8050 with blips to 8100 rpm (rev limit is 8150). A 15/20 without running an external intercooler will be too much prop for your ski.

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    I had same stamping, called sollas and they vonfirmed that they don't jave such a prop and it is wrong stamping.

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