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    Tigershark MonteCarlo 770 driveshaft through hull fitting issue...HELP!

    I was out on the lake yesterday and seem to have broke off a piece of my hull. It's where the driveshaft enters the hull? I have attached some pictures that should help with the description. My only real question is can it be fixed? Or did this just turn into a parts donor? On the positive side it didn't sink even though it tore out the power to the sump pump when it came apart!! Towed it to shore just as the water line hit the seat!!
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    That piece is broken but its just glued in. Don't worry the ski is not a total loss, it can be fixed. I would recommend trying to glue it back in. The thru hull bearing probably seized or you have an alignment issue with your pump/engine. You may also have an issue with bearings being bad in your pump.

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    Cool, thanks for the advice! Do you know what type of glue they use to put those in?

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    I will pick some up tomorrow. Thanks!

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    That piece has broken into two. It would pass through the hull when glued in. I would try and replace it with a new one before glueing it back in. Something has siezed to cause it to spin in the hull and break off.

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    typically when the driveshaft bearing goes, it rips the protection hose in half and THAT sinks your ski

    there are thru hull repair kits available for older seadoo's that use the bearing carrier solution ( pre carbon ring) It's an aluminum bit with knurling to help secure it in the hull. Always use lots of expoxy and clean the entire area with solvent before starting out.

    make every effort to have the replacement bit correctly aligned before getting the epoxy mixed.

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    Thanks, I found a replacement bit on E-Bay and it should arrive this week. Haven't pulled the jet pump yet but the bearing seems to turn just fine. Probably worth replacing anyway while it's disassembled.

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