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    2007 Yamaha GP1300r pricing???

    Hi guys!

    Looking at a 07 gp1300r. The ski has 130 hours, and is in exceptional shape. Comes with trailer, cover and a few mods. Free flow Riva pipe, Riva plate, Riva intake grate, rd nozzle.

    whats a good price to pay for a ski like this? Seller is asking 4,000.


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    Hello RX-Pike, that is just about right , You would think it would bring more ... but GP1300's for some reason dont' command desent prices when compared to other skis of the yame year ... never can figure out why. In most cases they are faster ... and if low hours & great shape the price should be $4K + without the trailer. So yes that is a very fair price. Good Luck

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    I just picked up a stock 2008 with 50 hours. great condition, cover, trailor for 5500 so i would say this deal is definitley worth it for the mods it has

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    I picked up a sweet 2006 1300r for my girlfriend to ride about a month ago. The machine was mint inside, had a couple of small dock dings and the throttle cable needed adjustment. It had 70hrs exactly with a d plate and nice loadrite single trailer. Other than that its entirely stock and runs 65+ on GPS. I paid $4600 and feel it was a good deal. (I sold the single trailer for $350 so it was like getting the machine for $4250.)

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