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    Hard starting in water 97 XP

    So I have a pair of 97 XP's one has a primer pump and one doesnt when they are on land I have NO issues of course.... But when in water then both need the throttle held wide open and to crank for aabout 25-30 seconds before they will start. Again this only happens in the water after they have run for a few minutes. Any ideas here?

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    3 things to check, compression, rotary valve clearness and it could be time to rebuild the carbs with new needle and seats. If it still has the grey tempo fuel lines they need to be replace they tends to come apart on the inside.

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    Lines have been replaced I have read a bunch about the Rotary valve clearance and the needle and seat. How hard is it to check or adjust the clearance?

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    Check the grey fuel lines and the tiny filters in the carbs. I've had a couple of 787 XP's and I've had my 98 SPX for years and they all were/are hard starting in the water. Didn't have to go full throttle but a good 30 secs with the choke on for sure.

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    I currently have a pair of 787, one with the primer pump and the other with out it, they both take a good time to start, but the one with primer was taking longer than the one without(all the time) , I removed the carbs and they were dirty inside with like rust and old fuel from sitting this was past the filter on the jets, now it starts right up, just like they should.

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