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    oil injection not pumping after line replacement

    Hey guys just got done rebuilding the top end along with replacing oil lines on my gp1200r. I stayed with the oil injection. The only lines i took off were the three going to the carbs. Did i have to prime the lines before puting back together? I thought it would pull the oil through like it does fuel? Well its back together and i only see oil creeping up one line! Please help!

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    The lines have to be primed. not sure the procedure on gps. can you remove the pump in the hull and use a drill to turn it until the lines prime?

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    There is a prime screw on the bracket that holds the idle adjustment knob. Take the screw out of it and wait for oil to seep out, when its all oil and no more air, put the screw back in. You should be good, how long did you let it run? It has to run before oil will come out of those lines. You can also add the right amount of oil to be 50-1 in the gas for one tank to make sure the lines get the air purged out and the oil is pumping.

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    I didnt have it on the hose so only like 20 seconds at a time 3x. I thought it would prime faster. So take the screw all the way out? I had it two turns or so out for one of the starts. I put about half a qt to my 1/2 tank. Im gonna put a little more fresh gas in tomorrow. So how long should i let it idle hooked up to the hose to purge that?

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    It doesn't have to run to purge using the screw, that point is below the oil tank so it will purge by gravity. You do not want it open when running, I think it could suck air in at that point. Its to purge the air out of the line to the pump.You take the screw all the way out. DO NOT LOOSE IT!! I would bet you will be ok, that oil moves pretty slow. Just premix the gas this one time if you want to be safe until you know the oil is moving.

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    Ok cool. Ill try this when i get home i was nervous i was going to have to tear the exhaust baaack off. I guess it would move slow when idle is like 150-200:1. Thanks for the help hopefully it works out

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    you can make it flow quicker at idle by pushing on the cable on top of the carb to make it flow as if it were at full throttle (minus the RPMs of course)

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    ok thanks... i had thought of that but didnt have time to try it. i am going to take that screw all the way out when i get home and let it bleed that way and then close it off run it on the hose and pull that cable only.... hopefully i dont let go of the calbe and let the pump lever flip over because then its impossible to flip it back without flipping it manually with your finger on the pump lever... these kind of things are my luck

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    Don't keep cranking your motor to check the oil pump flow. Pull the oil pump and attach it to a drill to simulate the motor running.


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