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    Ski Pylon Installation on 2008 RXTX

    I wanted to post these photos of my SeaDoo ski pylon installation. 2008 RXTX 255. It went very well and provides an excellent way to pull a wake-boarder. Let me know if anyone has any questions. It is a non-returnable product so call and give them your vin number to ensure it will fit.
    The hole cutter tool will need to have the original center bit replaced by a longer bit, which you have to fabricate from a purchased bit, then cut some off the link. I was a bit nervous but it turned out fine.
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    very cool, thanks for sharing.

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    That first hole, you sit and think a bit longer just to make sure don't you?

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    Yes, definitely! Also placing a piece of metal on the underside to prevent drilling into any vital components was somewhat comforting.

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