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    95 polaris Sl650STD Flywheel

    Hey guys, i'm trying to get this damn flywheel off but i cannot find a damn 3 bolt puller, all i can find around here is a damn tri-gear puller

    and those wont work because i can't get in behind the flywheel to pull it and i don't wanna rip any teeth of so its a no go.
    i've tried using 3 M8 bolts with few big fender washers with the little W type bolt you get with a tri gear puller but all it does is bend the m8's

    any ideas?
    or any idea in canada where i may find a proper pulley?


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    Where are you located?

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    Kamloops BC

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    I've looked at canadian tire, princess auto, KMS tools, west can auto parts,
    for the life of me i cannot remember what the puller is actually called but it shouldn't be this damn difficult

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