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    Lubricating steering on FZR (or any waverunner)

    The steering on my FZR has always had a stiff spot for the last hundred hours or so. When riding, you don't feel a thing, but on the trailer you can definitely feel a bit of resistance when turning the bars to the left. I had a little free time yesterday and decided to tear it down and investigate

    I have always been good about lubricating the steering rod and ball to the right of the pump, but this time I took a look at the steering rod/ ball that attaches to the handle bars right above the gas tank. Unsurprisingly, the steering rod was bone dry and had a few rust spots on it which caused the stiff spot in the steering. I wiped it down real good and lathered on some Yamaha marine grease. I'm pretty sure all newer waverunners have the same steering setup with the rod and ball joint, so this may work on other skis as well.

    The steering feels brand new now

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    I have noticed that same thing on my FX. I'm going to check mine out. Thanks for the info!

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