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    Battery wont stay charged

    I bought a new battery becasue last time I was out the battery died and the ski wouldnt start, when I went out again yesterday the new battery gave out and the ski wouldnt start after about an hour. I am thinkin the charging sytem is bad any ideas on what to check or replace first?

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    begin a recharge battery first of course .If you have a voltmeter attach black to negative and red positive. .walmarts has some battery and charge system checkers for $8.00 then you check voltage and should be at 12 volts before starting after starting should jump up to about 16 volts if it dont you have a charging problem .also make sure fuse all good and you didnt buy a defective battery.thats happen to me the future you can get from harborfreight a battery tender for $9.99 it keeps your battery always charged and ready for use just disconnect from battery and go. plugs to the wall outlet i use like ten of them for all my toys when not in use this way all my batteries stay juiced up and last much longer..

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