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    Fishmaster front arch

    Has anyone tried one of these? Looked pretty good online and I figured it was (for sure) faster and (possibly) cheaper than getting a local fab shop involved.

    I bought it and have been trying to get it installed. The quality seems really good but it is definitely a 2-person and possibly a 3-person install job. All the movable joints make it really loosey-goosey and difficult to position. Also, the width of the arch is too much for my Yamaha FX140. I am having to cut the center about 2" to make it fit.

    Anyone else have experience with these?

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    Are you talking about these arches?


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    Yes. Here it is after I wrestled with it for 2 days. I like it but it was a bear.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    They are over priced. A grand for a full rack setup with maybe 150 in parts and material. I can have it bent and built for that locally in NorCal. They do look nice,but there prices... I would have spent the money locally even if it was a bit more.

    Also I don't understand why people install these types of rack. Won't any monitor/sonar/gps/radar you mount on it be directly in the line of vision blocking your view. Or worse it looks like it will hit you in the face in a hard unexpected impact.

    What about mounting a UHF antenna to it? Not a good idea. Only a tower above your head can have a powerful UHF (even 10w) due to possible eye damage. I used the Motorola UHF radio on my last boat to cook hot dogs. Are the new radios less damaging or something?
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    I'm sure I could have gotten it custom made for the same money or less. But all the fabricators around here are booked up and I wanted it quickly.

    You can adjust the height to be out of your line of sight.

    I'm mainly using mine for rod holders and a platform for small accessories and cupholders. My gps is handlebar mounted. I have a handheld radio.

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    I like the front rack that TexasCurt installed, but I never really understand the Fishmaster rear rack design. Looks worthless to me, other than perhaps to mount an antenna. It also appears to impede access to the rear storage wings of the SUV.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Yeah, I think the rear arch is terrible. They talk about using it to mount a cooler, but how?

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