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    My mother passed away last year leaving me a 2000 Polaris Virage TX jet ski the power box has been taken apart by somebody who claimed to know what they were doing I have no idea how to put the wires back together to make this ski run and I would like to take a ride in honor of my mother's passing and its been almost two years with me unable to do that can somebody please either explain to me how the wires go back together or show me a picture of the wiring diagram so that I can do it myself I will be very grateful thank you.

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    check sig links for some help on Polaris electrics

    post some pics of where you sit now.

    why was the box opened in the first place?

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    Where are you located?

    See my signature links for lots of useful info.

    The electrical box has a terminal board with the wire colors marked beside the terminals. There are a couple of special connections where the wire color may not match the terminal, but most of the wires do go directly to a terminal marked with the color. There are also a bunch of 'bullet' terminals which directly plug into a mating wire of the same color.

    I would expect the electrical box was taken apart because there was a problem somewhere. It may require some diagnostics to determine what the original problems were, and what needs to be done to get the machine running properly.

    This machine is now fourteen years old. Even if it was working properly before it was put away, time has passed and other things may need repair or service. For example the jet pump has bearings inside that may have rusted while it was sitting. The jet pump may be just fine, or it may not. The recommended approach is to remove and inspect those things that commonly need maintenance.

    With any older watercraft, not just Polaris, there is quite a lot of work needed to ensure it will be reliable on the water. It is a common story for someone to find or buy an older used machine. They are happy to discover they can get it started, so off they go to the launch ramp. On the very first ride, the machine fails after a few hours or a few minutes of use on the water. They get towed back to shore, then they come here and learn about all the inspections and preventative maintenance that they did not do, and the damage that has now occurred.

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