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    2002 fx140 compression

    my buddy is looking at a 02 fx140 with 102 hours..
    can anyone give me a heads up on what compression should be on a 2002 fx140.. some threads claim anything over 145 is good.. some threads saying anything under 160 is sketchy..

    thanks for the help !

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    I think anything under 175 is sketchy, but ive seen skis with 140 psi run fine. Hours on an old ski like that dont matter. Its almost better if they have more hours at this point because what this means is that is probably sat a while. Sitting usually means the owner flushed it and left it...thats not how they need to be stored for a long period of time.

    Good thing is, the mr1 blocks are very tough.

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    Make sure you are checking it correctly, warm motor, throttle open while cranking.

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