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    gp760 electrical issues

    Preface, '99 gp760, newly refurbished engine purchased online installed about 2 months ago. new starter and start solenoid, new battery. No previous issues with power-- 2 to 3 tanks of gas a day with no cranking or voltage issues.

    Went out riding yesterday, started off no issues. After an hour or so, gage cluster starts flashing "volts". Tried taking a shortcut back to the dock via a backway through the marsh (shortest route, able to stay on plane as long as no boats were in the cut). Needless to say i had to come off plane and kill the ski. Get back to open waters where i could crank back up and get going again and the ski didn't have enough juice to turn over. swam, pulling the ski for roughly 2-3 miles back to the dock.

    got home, pulled battery out, tested it (<10v) and threw it on the charger over night. Battery is now back at ~14v with no bad cells and 100% on load tester. This morning i go put the battery back in the ski and it wont crank, nor do i get a clicking of the solenoid. I havent tried arcing the solenoid to see if the ski will fire, as there is a bigger issue here i need to tackle (i know the engine is good)

    From the battery, you have the main power wire coming into the start solenoid. On the primary side of the solenoid, you have a small wire with an inline fuse on it (visibly checked good as well with resistance check), this small wire powers up the brains to the ski i assume? Does anything inside the box control the charging of the battery or is it when the motor is turning, the stator is charging the battery up? I never had power issues in the past so I didn't bother ever checking the charging system on the ski to see if it was actually working.

    I ordered a new (used) brainbox and stator (entire assembly, not just replacement parts on the inside of the cover). Hopefully this fixes the charging issue and failure to crank.

    It seems to be one thing after another with this ski. I am just trying to get it running right to make it through the rest of the summer and in to winter until my divorce can be finalized and go purchase a new ski; but that is for another thread another time.

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    Inside that box is a voltage regulator/rectifier. The stator also has a dedicated coil for battery charging. If stator ohms tests are good then it could be a faulty regulator. Put a volt meter on the battery and note voltage. Then start up the ski and rev it some, does voltage go up?

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    The engine should crank regardless of the charging system working or not. So now you have 2 issues: No Charging and No Cranking. For the charging problem, you are on the right track with the stator. Thats the most likely cause, but you probably should have tested it to make sure.
    The no crank/ no click issues is a whole separate thing. So either your Start/Stop switch is bad (the button or the lanyard), the solenoid is bad, or the security system is in "Locked" mode (maybe). The security system is built into the Gauge display and not the CDI(brainbox?), so replacing that won't get you anywhere.
    Try unlocking the security system.

    If you know the code, do it this way:
    How to switch between START and LOCK modes:

    1. With the display off, Press the MODE button for 3 seconds.
    2. The word "CODE" with be displayed and you are now ready to enter your code.
    3. Enter your 4 digit code using the A, B, and C buttons
    4. If done correctly, the mode will switch from the previous mode to either "START" or "LOCK". START or LOCK will be displayed on the RH gauge.
    5. If the battery goes dead or is disconnected, the security system defaults to "LOCK" and you'll have to unlock it.

    If you don't know the code, you can reset it to whatever you want using this:
    Security code re enter sequence:

    1. split the blue 1 pin coupler under/behind the front storage bucket. The warning lamp at center of cluster will light up.
    2. press mode button (button lower left) for 3 seconds until the word "CODE" is displayed on RH gauge.
    3. Set your 4 digit code (whatever you want it to be) by pressing the A, B, or C buttons in your desired sequence ( for example AAAA or ABAC, etc)
    4. If done correctly the buzzer will sound 3 times and the word "SET" will display on the RH gauge.
    5. Then the display will turn off expect for the warning lamp. Its now time to reconnect the blue connector from step one.
    6. you should now have stored the new code..

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