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    2004 GTX Impeller Question

    Changing the wear rings. Pulled #1's pump assy. Its got the "Impeller Boot" and Impeller Ring", parts # 17 and 18 on the end of the shaft, as expected I assume. Got this one back together

    # 2 has horrible hole shot and loss of 10mph at top end--gas millage sucks, too. That's why I looked at the wear ring. Not bad BTW--looks like normal wear Pulled the pump on # 2-- no impeller boot assy. seen

    Do these come loose and walk up the shaft ? Would this cause the horrible cavitation I hear ?

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    How much space between the wear ring and the impeller?

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    I could be wrong but I believe the impeller boot and ring #17 and #18 are to keep grease in/water out of the impeller/shaft splines, and won't cause cavitation. Have a look at your carbon ring, wear ring and pump seal. Does it make excessive noise? If those are mising and a mechanic forgot to install them, make sure the drive shaft plug(s) haven't been forgotten too.

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