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    96 yamaha waveraider 1100

    Hey guys -- I'm probably posting in the wrong spot (newbie here) but I have a flushing question. If there is a thread already, please let me know. But I have a 96 yamaha 1100 and i cannot figure out where to attach the my garden hose. My 760 has a quick connect spot for the adapter, but the 1100 has no clear connection. Can anyone help me figure out the specific place to connect the hose so I can flush the ski? Thanks in advance!!

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    Finally figured out it was the small flat head screw. I just need the threaded adapter from the dealer and I'm good to go.

    On another note: the threads where the oil cap connects are stripped. I looked inside and it looks like the neck connects to a hose...looks like that can be replaced? Thoughts? I've seen an oil filler cap with neck replacement unit -- will that work?

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    Probably be just as cheap to get a used tank off ebay. They are all over.

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