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    95 SL650STD Stator

    Hey guys, so i've looked around the forum and i found all the ohm readings you should get when testing the stator and the only one that i get NOTHING not even a flicker is red/wht to green/red , which i found out is the exciter coil so i pulled the stator thinking a broken wire but i tried tapping into both wires right on top of the stator and still nothing, does that mean my stator is effed and i need a new one?
    i/ve found one in ontario for 120$ with a new flywheel

    thanks guys

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    i really don't want to buy a new stator for this thing, is there anything that can be done to test it or is it effed?

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    If you are not getting the reading within 10% of the spec, and the motor doesn't run, I would say it needs replaced....

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    I've got a NEW one for $100

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