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    2012 ext-x oil light issue / oil weight

    Saw the posts about using valvoline vr-1 40 weight. Of course not a single store sells the stuff just 50 weight. So being a supercharged machine and all the talk about the clutches and such. What other oil can i use to shut that stupid light up. (athena edu stage 2 +).

    Sorry title RXT-X

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    RIVA quote this on another post

    The first thing to address guys is.....A wet clutch refers to a submerged fibrous clutch used in motorcycles made of Kevlar or some composite. The Seadoo charger clutch is a 'Slip Clutch' or 'Friction Clutch' made of powered metal with no fibrous material.

    Concerning the Valvoline VR1 oil. If you have a look at your 'SEADOO Manual' Section: Engine Lubrication.
    You will see the API recommendation for the oil will need to be API - SM,SL or SJ. In the same Valvoline Specification Document you will see the oil meets API - SM and SL. We also use the VR1 oil in our Seadoo applications with no issues.

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    Also I looked up the specs on the xps brp oil its 5w-40. Not a huge jump going to 10w-40. Does this really fix the oil pressure light issue?

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