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    problem on 05 rxt

    Me and wife riding smooth. Get out about 5 miles and ski just shuts off without warning..checked everything fuses,hoses and battery etc.... Everything checked out fine. Did the code check and p0344. Looked it up and it's cam sensor??. Chenged sensor from my rxp.... still nothing. Changed batteries still nothing. I even pulled valve cover off to see if chain was in place and that was fine.. What can it be?? After several attempts finally just won't crank and says "KEY" code 1681. Any help.. ski is stock besides prop.

    I just don't see how it was running fine then shuts off while riding at 40mph. also has new walbor pump and tested the injectors... They were squirting fine. Do I need to program keys?? Any help..thanks guys

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    Anyone? 1681 code does it mean just the post or does it need the candoo hooked up?

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    You getting two chirps when you hook the key up?

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    Yes, press start and just clicks. Then warning Light on with long beep. Yesterday code 1681 and says key. Damn seadoo's..ha

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    Check the mpem pins for corrosion. Rule that out

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    Guess I will take it in to hook up budds. Code just keeps coming up and won't start. Checked all connections everything is good. Oh well

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    Is battery def ok??Incase its not been charging and just ran flat?
    Possibly a dodgy earth?Although i doubt it as it wouldnt stop cranking altogether.

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    Can you swap ecu with the rxp?Heard of them going bad and throwing things up .

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    Def not battery swapped them out already. Swapped cam sensor too. Not sure if I can swap ecu?? Would it hurt anything? Rxp is 2006..rxt 2005 if it's o.k to swap I will do..anyone?

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    Yes you can swap the ecu. They are they same except minor differences (compass, vts). Could be a bad post, the O344 and 1681 may not be related

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