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    Chasing down a bluefin trevally

    Here's a video of me chasing down a skipjack (bluefin trevally) in Guam. I was casting a rat-l-trap around some coral heads in Cocos Lagoon catching lots of small grouper. Penn Fierce 4000 reel on an ugly stick with 20lb braid. This guy ran toward deep water and starting taking a lot of line so I cranked up the ski and chased him down. He caught on to my game and ran back to the reef and hid under in a hole. I waited him out and got him on board. It was a heck of a fight and a blast to catch. I caught another about twice his size a few minutes later but on another rod with 50lb braid so I just muscled him in without much trouble. Enjoy the video! Hit the HD button for best quality.

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