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    Is there a cheaper alternative to the Riva pressure regulator?

    $400 seems steep for a pressure regulator and some rubber hoses.
    I have a 2011 RXT-X, with a 2014 engine. Victim of a defective intercooler

    My up and coming mods will be:
    Fizzle intercooler
    Solas impeller 15/20r
    4 inch air intake/catch can
    Free flow exhaust
    Vtech flash
    Only replacing the valve retainers not the springs
    8500 rpms is my goal

    Not sure if or when to replace the stock fuel injectors
    I'm asking the dealer to check my fuel pressure, if it's at 58 psi now do I really need the pressure regulator?

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    The stock FPR is well known for being shit! When you take it out you'll see why, it's just a sprung strip of metal pushing a ballbearing into a hole, nothing more than that.

    The Riva is pricey, but you're dealing with a vital and potentially engine damaging / ski burning component. Don't cheap out. If you buy an Ebay special, you will get what you pay for. There's a thread on here somewhere from the last few days asking why his newly fitted FPR is fluctuating up and down, you know the answer to this.

    If you're not planning on logging or reading AFR's then you need to be 100% sure you're producing and holding 58psi. Most of the basic Vtech tunes assume this. Even with this one variable fixed, you are still holding on to some element of hope by not monitoring your AFR's.

    With your level of mods / intended mods, you should be ok with a solid 58 psi, but don't cheap out on it, you WILL regret it.

    I'm turning very low rpm's off pretty simple mods and stock IC @11psi, but my injectors were maxed out from 7300 to WOT @58/59psi. I only saw this from my logging. I changed them to Vtech VT1100's and now my max DC on the injectors is 58/59% and my idle is silky smooth.

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    Thanks, great feedback! I was on the fence with the injectors but it sounds like it's worth it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by NCski View Post
    Thanks, great feedback! I was on the fence with the injectors but it sounds like it's worth it.
    V-tech have a great tune for their injectors that will be perfect for you.

    VT11 Stock SC 8500

    Just as its name suggests, it's been built for their injectors (well branded theirs ) for stock psi off the SC and with retainers hits your 8500 limit perfectly. Should keep your AFRs in check, although I still need to take some fuel out at the bottom and add a little just when I come on boost. Consider at least just an o2 wideband with gauge, not as good as logging, but it'll save that new engine.

    I think you're doing the right thing not changing the springs. I did, which ironically, robbed me of the very RPMs that would have been the problem!!

    if you're not planning on going further, why put the extra load on the engine and lose performance in the process? I claim I've traded some rpms to bulletproof the engine and I'm sticking to my reason. More than likely now I'll upgrade the SC wheel to use some of the new headroom - thus wiping out my whole reason for doing it in the first place - damn modding fever

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