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    Quick RXT head gasket question

    Pulled my drain plug after a day on the water and some coolant came out.

    The reservoir was a little low.
    I havent done the bottle test yet but I found this is the reservoir by the cap.

    No overheat warnings yet.

    Probably not safe to operate until repaired right? These symptoms indicate a blown head gasket to me, I just wanted your guys' opinion.

    The ski is an 07 rxt 215. All stock except for riva free flow. Shows only 14 hours on the clock and ecu matches via buds. I bought it off of a yacht so im not sure if its accurate.
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    It definitely overheated. Is that stuff gasket material, plastic or metal?

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    It feels rubbery.
    Coukd it have overheated without giving me a warning?

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    Checked again and feels like a flakey black very thin metal but it disintegrates when you rub it between your fingers

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    The black specks is from the coating on the head gasket. Replace head gasket.

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    Ah shit. Always something...

    Gonna get an OEM gasket and head studs. Any other recommendations? Not running any more performance upgrades, just want reliability.

    Thanks for the help guys

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    When you get the head gasket job done take thee drain screw out of the ride plate and run water through the bottle and drain the closed loop good. The closed loop shouldn't have any of those flakes in it. Hopefully the flakes will make it outta the drain screw. Put a bucket under it when draining to monitor it and watch for clean water. Then reinstall the drain screw in the plate and put fity/fifty coolant in the closed loop.

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