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    Arrow Kawasaki Ultra-LX "Running HOT"

    So one of my riding buddies went out solo earlier today - due to my ski sitting in limbo waiting for the waterbox to be welded back together.

    Ski is a 2011 Kawasaki Ultra-LX (N/A) w/ ~ 50 hours. Previous owner had the usual hot start issue - which dealership changed ECU and not certain what else - and engine never went into "Limp-Mode" while the new owner (my riding friend) owned it - yet he did report that it seemed to be HOT at times.

    I looked around inside his hull and saw the air vent tubes were both blocked - as they were extra long and had melted almost shut in the bottom of his hull. I trimmed those puppies and tye-wraped them away from any other offending areas inside his hull - and he reported that everything since - seemed fine. He even reported that his ski performed better after this slight modification - which obviously allowed more air in his hull.

    Well, today I get a phone call from him stating that his ski seemed to be very HOT again, did not go into Limp Mode - did not notice bad performance characteristics - yet he noticed "puffs of steam" coming from the pisser port (while idling in a No-Wake-Zone) on the RH side of the hull - and that the stream from that pisser port (while at normal running RPM's) - seemed like it was not flowing in it's "normal" manner.

    He beached the ski - removed the seats and stated it seemed super HOT - like he had never experienced before.

    Not certain how to assist him here - except to check for possible blockage in the pisser port and to follow it back to where it connects to the engine and blow compressed air through the hose - yet this is the discharge port - why would this cause his engine to run HOT since it is simply a discharge?

    As always - Many Thanks for sharing your knowledge and experience in this Forum.

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    Sounds like he has a partial blockage some where. Salt water or? Does he flush/clean real well? Tell him to use low pressure compressed air and blow thru all the cooling hoses/passages. This will usually clean out grass, sea weed, sand, what have you. Tell him to run it on he hose at idle afterwards for 10 minutes and see if it gets hot. If it doesn't in 10 he should be good. If it gets hot stop it and try again or make an extension fitting off of the top of the pump and use a hose bib and hook-up that way, again using low pressure on the water hose.
    If it does not throw a code, show the temp sign and beep, then he is good usually no matter what assuming everything is working (sensor) properly.

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