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    Nano Hulls and use of Floating Docks??

    I have heard some rumblings on here about the new Nano hulls being a bit less sound then the old versions. Does anyone think there would be an issue using the Nano hull on those drive on, floating docks? Will the floating docks be safe to use on the Nano?

    Thank you!

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    I wouldnt do it. I would use a regular lift that hoists the ski out of the water.

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    I have a sport port ride on dock have had it for 4 years with a 2009 yamaha FZR with no issues it does not have rollers I just come up to it slow then touch the throttle and up it goes I also use pam cooking spray on the runner so it launches very easy need to apply about every 3 weeks I also have crank up one I prefer the ride on one the setup on the crank up is a pain got to raise it when water goes up and lower it when it goes down

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    I have kept my 2011 VXS on a dock with rollers for the last three seasons. It has 350+ hours on it, and I would say we drive it up on, and push it off that dock 8-10 a day, 4-5 days a week., so 40-50 loadings and unloadings per week.

    My GF hits the dock running pretty hard, bouncing right up on there. I come in slower, and then pop it once the nose is on the dock. Our neighbors literally ram up on the docks at pretty high speed with 3 people on their FXSHO's every weekend.

    I cant say I ever look at the bottom. It stays on the lift April-October, and then gets pulled for the winter. I don't even remember if the trailer has rollers or not, I bought with the machine from the dealership.

    I was 20+ miles offshore with it yesterday, so I hope the hull is good. I read the thread linked above with great interest.

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