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    1999 SLX spark issue

    New member here, lurked for a bit but can't seem to find the specific answer I'm looking for so I thought I'd asked the experts.

    Some info to share: I bought a pair of 1999 Polaris 1050's a couple months ago. Test rode both the SLX and the SLTX on the lake prior to purchase and both ran fine. Brought them home and the SLX wouldn't start. The SLTX has been running fine and have taken it out on the lake a couple times since purchase.

    I did some research and and found that the OEM CDI and stator for 1999 had it's share of issues. After obtaining a repair manual and checking all of the resistances that were available, all check out fine. I thought that trying the CDI from the SLTX that runs fine would possibly give me a clue. After install into the SLX, I got it to run for the first time since I've owned it. Started 3 separate times and I thought I had it nailed down. The 4th time I tried to start it, it backfired twice through the exhaust and now it's back to the no/low spark problem it had prior. I even went as far as putting the CDI that I thought was bad into the SLTX and it started right up and works just fine.

    I've checked and rechecked everything that I have info on including the coil and it all is within spec. I've checked that the flywheel is indexed correctly (approximate TDC of MAG cylinder shows timing marks through sight hole of flywheel cover).

    I monitor the cranking voltage at all times and it stays above 10.6 V.

    I've ordered the ignition upgrade kit through SBT and it should arrive tomorrow. However, I'm not convinced that the CDI and stator are bad based on the troubleshooting I've done.

    Can someone please help me out?


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    When the original ignitions fail it is often the magneto stator that actually fails. The new upgraded (and more reliable) stators are not compatible with the original CDI, hence the need to upgrade both together.

    Of course there are other things that potentially could be causing trouble, but installing the Updated Ignition Kit is an excellent upgrade in terms of reliability.

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    Thank you for the reply K447, I appreciate it. I'll get the updated equipment installed and hope it cures the problems.

    That leads to the next question. How big of a task is it to replace the stator? Is it something a guy with little knowledge of the specific task but mechanically inclined could handle or should I leave it to the experts and pay a shop to replace it? Does it require specialty tools to remove the flywheel?

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    Replacing is a bit of a chore, especially in the smaller SLX hulls. It is easiest to remove the engine. Not sure I would attempt it otherwise, but someone may disagree. You will need a flywheel puller, but that can usually be rented from an Autozone, O'reilly's or similar.....

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