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    2002 gtx 4tec - long beep, then nothing

    Hi all, I changed both oil sending units yesterday, rode about 4 hours with no issues. Today it ran for about 10 mins then a single beep and the ski died. Installing lanyard gets one long beep, then nothing. I also tried two diff lanyards.
    Any ideas?

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    No codes? Bad dess post possibly

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    Try cleaning the key and the post good. This may get you going, but you should probably replace the post before it dies on you all together.

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    @ Joshy: no codes, it just died and never did anything else.

    @ hellhound007: I cleaned the post and also all 4 lanyards ( and tried them all ), still the same, one long beep and nothing. I'll replace the post and see if that helps, any other ideas?

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    Is the cluster showing anything when you attach the lanyard? Or is it blank? Sounds like a bad dess post, but until you can hook it up to buds, double check the positive cable coming off the battery.

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    No sir info center is blank and non responsive. I'll check the cables and fuses here shortly, local shop isn't open on monday so all I can do is just fiddle fart around today lol.
    Thanks for the responses, I appreciate it

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    ok battery terminals tightened, found a blown 5amp fuse. New fuse is blown instantly when lanyard is installed.

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    Found a thread which said loose battery terminals can short the ECU, and that looks to be exactly what happened. Tried the bad ECU in my other ski and it killed the fuse so I'm replacing the ECU.
    Thanks for y'alls time and suggestions

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    Glad you found the issue

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    Can anyone confirm that loose terminals will short out the ECU? Before I put the new one in is there anything else I should check.
    Note that the ski took two tries to start, but was running fine full speed in very rough choppy water and instantly died. Both battery terminals were found to be loose, positive very loose.
    This was a silly overlook on my part, a $1,000.00 mistake lol ouch

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