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    Considering late season purchase 2014 limited 155 or 2014 limited 215

    Was hoping to get some real world info on these two skis. I've only owned Yamaha, but have heard the newer 4tec engines have improved greatly. All my riding is in salt water.

    Have the supercharger issues from the past improved? Expensive 100 hour rebuilds?

    is the NA engine in the 155 dependable over the long haul?

    is there that much difference in the two hulls?

    Thanks for taking the time

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    The 155 is nice i owned one. But you will want more power from it over time. That was my issue, i sold my 155 and went with the 215

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    I have the 215 and I feel like I wants more power! This is my first seadoo and I couldn't be happier! We have a Kawasaki 250x, Ultra LX and stx 12f and a Honda non turbo. Out of all I love riding the seadoo the most. It gives a sense of thrill haha.

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    How many hours on your 215? any issues?


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    94 hrs. No issues. Just rebuilt the sc 15 hrs ago

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    89hrs on 14' RXPX260 no problems so far. No rebuilt here yet! I will be hitting around 150hrs by end of summer season!

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    I'm sitting at 170 hours now. We ride every Sunday where I live.

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