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    Catch Of The Day

    My neighbor Julian bought a new Nikon D5300 DSLR this week and asked if would come over and give some pointers. I am not a camera guru by any means but his camera is very similar to my D3100 so it was somewhat familiar to me. We both live on the water with same great wild life around us. We stepped outside to his backyard and I was fortunate to have some awesome opportunities in the 10 minutes I took pictures. I was using a 55-300 mm lens and Julian now has some great examples of what his camera is capable of. Only problem is now I am left with new camera envy. Ha!

    This Egret came in for a landing right as turned on the camera.

    I was able to get a couple close ups, here is one.

    A few minutes later I here an osprey slam into the water close by, here is a series of pictures I took as a goose observed the whole thing.

    This was my favorite, I like the "wake" and reflection of the shad on the water.

    A good close up. Not bad for 10 minutes in my neighbors back yard with a camera I had never used.

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    Great results. Funny how things like that happen when you aren't really ready.
    Oh, and good luck with that camera envoy. $$$$

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    Well Brian, IMHO, you may not be a camera guru, but you have a gifted eye and take many marvelous shots. I have "eye" envy AND camera envy. LOL

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