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    DIY air intake for turbo r12x

    hey everyone was wondering what yall are using for an air intake for your r-f 12x if you just put a airfilter on the turbo itself or but on a tube going to the front of the ski ..... and what size filter do you use on the turbo and all that upload pics if possible thanks in advance,

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    Air filter direct to the side of the turbo. There are a few options out there. I decided on K&N part RU-1280 with RU-1280DR pre-filter that keeps the filter dry. It works great. You have to do this if you want to upgrade the intercooler. I never had it without the intercooler, but it's still supposed to help a little with the turbo lag regardless.

    You also need a small breather filter for the breather tube that goes to the stock air box. The other hoses going to the intake plenum can be left off. One is to drain water that gets into the intake plenum, and the other is a small hose going to a sensor.

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    Bad idea.... these air filters cause water to get suck into the turbo.....

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