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    2004 FX HO slow, low pitch exhaust noise

    My FX HO that I bought used two months ago was running weird yesterday. It would be very sluggish to accelerate and topped out at about 30mph. It was also making a deep exhaust tone during this time. It was not cavitating (engine wasnt reving up high).
    I pulled the spark plugs and they look like nothing I have ever seen before. Three of them are very coroded as you could see in the picture. What is the cause of that and how do I prevent it?
    I attempted to do a compression test but I think I was getting bad reading because of the corrosion. I got 50-90 psi from cylinders 2-4 and 190 psi from cylinder 1. Last week it was running well. It would accelerate like it should and go over 50 mph no problem so those compression test readings cannot be right.

    Did anyone else experience weird compression test results?

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    Its a common problem for the mr1 engine to foul the plugs just put new set in and see how it goes

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    You need new plugs buddy....

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