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    05 rxt wont accept key sometimes...

    70 hrs on it running great.
    Just recently started acting like I am putting the wrong key on, by giving me the long beep. After 10 tries maybe even more it finally gave me the 2 beeps and then the same issue happened next time I went to ride it about 20 mins later. I am worried this will become habitual and leave stranded somewhere in the middle of the lake...
    what can I do/check?


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    how old is the key???might want to replace it.....could be the DESS post going bad too...

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    the key is probably original, I have had the ski for two years and both keys with it... what is the next step here? I will try the learner 's key next time it does this maybe that will work and then I will know its the key.
    Should I just get a new key now? just in case.
    how do I check the dess post?

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    I had a similar issue on my 05 RXP, had to replace the key as one of the prongs inside it was bent and not making proper contact.

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    I see I think getting a new key is the way then. What should normal cost be on one of them and do I need the ski at the dealer when this is done?

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    Think it cost me just under 100. Yes they need the ski to program the new key to it.

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    got it - I ll get it done and checked out. thanks guys!

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