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    Redish Pink fluid in bilge 2012 FZR

    So yesterday afternoon I decided to take advantage in the break in weather and take the ski out for a quick run. Got to ramp and battery was dead. I found this a bit strange since I had the ski out two days ago, and when I put it away for the night, I put a trickle charger on battery. OK so off to the store I go and buy a new battery. Upon taking the old battery out, I noticed that it was bone dry, no fluid whatsoever. OK I will admit that I was a bit lazy in checking battery fluid (it is a pain in the ass). However, I did notice some reddish pink fluid in the bottom of the bilge. Checked oil; full and no signs of water contamination. Anyone have any ideas what this reddish fluid could be. Oh before I forget, I have a male ski so please no "it's that time of month" jokes please. Ski just broke the 100 hour mark.

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    Most likely it is battery acid from a cracked case, and you need to neutralize it and flush it out before it rots everything out. Battery acid is clear, but not after it has corroded hoses, certain plastics, metals, and other things. Baking soda, lots of it, will help neutralize it, and lots of water flushing it out. Be careful with getting it on your hands or clothes, or anything else when flushing.

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    OK thanks... seems logical. Going to flush and baking soda my ski. At least I covered most parts with liquid film a while ago. Hope it protects it some.

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