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    Steering Adjustment and Handlebar Upgrade

    Had a blast out on the 300 yesterday in the ocean (Nice 2-3 ft waves kept it interesting). Anyways to the point. It seems I have to angle the handlebars slightly to the left to travel straight while at idle up to - 8mpg (not very noticeable at speed obviously). Is there an easy way to adjust this? Also have heard upgrading the handle bars is a nice feature, and I can see how the stock ones could be a weak link. Any advice on this procedure and associated costs? Thanks for all your help. This ski is insanely fun out in the open ocean.

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    I just reread your post... you have 300... I don't know if the steering system will be the same ..
    I had the steering changed on mine and never looked back. after almost breaking the system on my old 07 it was a no brainer. big hit.. but I am glad I did it. I don't know where you are , find a tech who knows the ski... better yet a tech who has done it before..
    The steering system was $600. that was probably the most I have spent on the ski at one time.

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