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    Just bought FZR, speedometer problem !

    Sold my gp1300r -08 last week for trading up to an FZR.
    and yesterday i collect a FZR -09 with 42hrs.

    Very happy with the FZR, what an upgrade from gpr

    It was in fantastic condition, just like new.

    only one thing that bothers me, the speedometer!
    It barley dont reed at all :/
    have searched on this forum but couldnt find anything like it.
    When it starts it goes all the way and back as usual.
    The sensor wheel on rideplate is turning free and looks great.

    But, the speedo barley dont reed at all, checked with "Max speed" in iphone when cruising at 30mph speedo goes between 10-20 up and down.
    only time it read higher was at allmost full speed it goes to around 70.
    But its never "still" at the same speed, goes upp and down.

    Have anyone seen this?

    also, the iphone gps only wiewed 61.9 mph? But i only hold full throttle for about 5-10s, maybe it needs more time to read?

    And a few more questions.
    im going to keep the engine stock and go for intake grate, ppk and a vx plate.
    Just want it reliable, is there any upgrades that makes the engine more reliable?
    My local mecanic told me there whas some SC upgrade Yamaha did after 08-09?
    im also locking for a solas prop, wich one is recomended for a stock engine?

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    Is it a stock ride plate I have an R&D on mine and the sped o does the same thing

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    Most of the speedo's don't work very good at lower speeds. Just changing the ride plate, or shimming it could help or hurt the way it works.
    You need a 14/21 Solas for a stock motor. I have one in the classified section like new.

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    Its all stock, its must be something wrong with it?
    cant imagine that Yamaha have design it that bad?
    on videos on fzr they seems to work realy well.

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    Stock speedo is over rated. They blow smoke up your pooper. Lol. Use a GPS.

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    Check the paddlewheel on the front edge of the rideplate. It probably has some weeds, string, or fishing line caught in the sides of it and keeps it from spinning. Water going by it spins it and gives the speedo reading. It should spin real easy by flipping it with your finger.

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    Yes i know the stock speedos ist show the correct speed and im also use gps on iphone at the moment.

    But its realy annoying that it doesent work at all.
    The wheel spinns great when flipping it by hand, may have to take a closer look at it but if something was stuck into it wouldnt spinn so easy just touching it?

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