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    12' rxpx top speed thoughts

    Hey guys looking for some feedback, 12' rxpx (vtech 8375, riva gen3 with hard pipes, 15/20r untouched, riva intake and catch can) was out yesterday in the lake and I was getting a consistent 7920 rpm at 73mph on dash( I know it may not be accurate but it is just a number to go by) what do you guys think I should do to pull my rpms up closer to limiter? should I put the stock prop back in or get this one repitched? Weather conditions were 26 degrees 3 km/h winds, lake flatwas probably high humidity as well.

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    Seems like your RPM's are a little low, but it does depend on your prop. I would tweak the 15/20 you have to give you 200-300 more RPM's. I know RIVA says their "R" props are put in a pitch block before hand, but most people on here have discovered that they are usually off. My 15/20 measured 15/19 on two blades and 15/19.5 on the others. Your's may be pitched higher around 15/20.5-21 and that could be the reason for the lower RPM's too. As usual, check for boost leaks and all your couplers to make sure their are no boost leaks either.

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    Get the Solas pitched to a 15/19.

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    I have the 15/20 also and I find it hard to turn it even with the mods I have I still run 8200. unless your in freezing weather like troy said pitch that thing and it will help get your rpms up

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